About Me

I am a freelance writer currently based in Toronto. I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Loyola University Chicago and I completed a postgraduate certificate program in Professional Writing and Communications at Humber College in 2020.

I have over 10 years of experience, having written on European football, mixed martial arts, boxing, tennis, the NBA and more for numerous websites. I previously worked as a full-time sports correspondent for the US edition of Newsweek Group’s International Business Times for nearly two years. When it comes to freelancing, some of my work has been published on Sherdog, Fansided, Bleacher Report, Lowkick MMA, The Body Lock, Huffington Post UK and more.

I have also written on other topics including pop culture, real estate, gaming and more while I've provided copy for multiple international clients. Because of my professional and academic experience in digital writing, I am adept at other skills as well such as editing and social media marketing. You can find a full list of services that I offer here.

Other than that, I am from India and have seen a fair bit of the world with Canada being the fourth different country that I have lived in. I previously lived in Mumbai, Bangalore, London, New York and Chicago.

My interests include:

  • Crime dramas (The Sopranos is the greatest show of all time)
  • Psychological thrillers
  • Anime and manga
  • Traveling
  • Southeast Asian food
  • Latin music and movie/anime/TV show soundtracks
  • Narrative-based video games
  • North Korean politics